Trying a ‘primal’ approach to winter ills

Photo Credit: glyn_nelson via Compfight cc Lately I've tried some complimentary sessions of salt therapy with CrashBoy. Winter is not my friend and it's hard on CrashBoy too with his asthma.  I do like to explore natural therapies which is why I said yes to the invitation from Salts of the Earth, more about that soon. Firstly, I'm not anti-modern medicine - it's saved my bacon a few times now. I just think it's worth trying natural approaches to see if they work for you. For example, naturopathy helped me with adrenal fatigue, yet anti-depressants got me out of a hole - it's not an either or thing for me. When it comes to cold and headaches I don't like taking strong painkillers or pseudoephedrine if I can help it - not sure exactly why. Maybe I just like to let some things run their course and work their way out of my system. Also, since my interest in primal living, I've re-read some of the Clan of the Cave Bear series, this time focusing on the 'boring bits' I would have … [Read More...]


The top 5 reasons I can’t make it to the gym

Features my blog sponsor Fitness First The fancy new club on Flinders Street in Melbourne As you may know, I'm a Fitness First blogger, a job I almost didn't take on because I'm so completely crap at going to the gym. In fact, until yesterday, I hadn't even made it to the gym. That's pretty bad. In fact, I completely failed last month's Fitness First blogger challenge to "Switch it up" where we were paired with another blogger to swap our fitness routines and a recipe for the week. I just … [Read More...]


Urban gathering – our market experiences

My husband grew up market shopping with his folks on the weekend. I grew up with a vegetable garden in the back yard. When we started living together there was no room for a vegetable garden and so continued regular trips to the Queen Vic Markets. We still buy fresh foods from supermarkets from time to time, but it's usually just supplementary, or when we haven't been organised enough to get to our local market. We now have a home where we've had some reasonable success with raised garden … [Read More...]

All work and no play makes Laney a dull girl

*surfaces from mountain of work on desk* Well, if I haven't just learned a big lesson about why I'm doing this whole primal living experiment! It's been two months living primal and it's all gone to the dogs! Well not entirely, but I've stumbled spectacularly this past month into a hole that I've dug for myself and lined with chocolate wrappers and empty wine bottles. Yes, I've more than tipped the balance between work and play, I've slammed it with the weight of a heavy work load and my … [Read More...]

Primal meal ideas

Primal Progress (one month)

I thought the end of one month Primal would be monumental - like, yeah, we made it! High fives all round. But here's the thing - it just seems kind of 'normal'. Boring hey? Don't get me wrong though, I do feel different,  it's just that doing this doesn't seem extraordinary, or some mammoth feat that had to be overcome. I think this might actually be something our family can sustain for the long haul. So, back to how I feel. I feel lighter and I'm not necessarily talking in weight terms (I … [Read More...]

To gym, or not to gym?

Introducing new sponsor Here's a dirty little secret. Truth be told, I'm very good at donating my money to gyms and not very good at availing myself of their services. I'm a serial offender and have actually banned myself from ever signing up again. Here's another truth. I find my gym experiences have been lonely, intimidating and eventually downright depressing. I have only ever used them to try and get thin. If you don't eat very well it's going to take a lot of kilometers on the … [Read More...]


Y U No Live in Cave?

Uh, because this crash test is in 2014 AD, not 10,000BC! I find it quite funny how knockers like to pick apart the primal or paleo lifestyle . . . I get it, I really do. Yes I realise cavemen didn't eat coconut flour cookies sweetened with agave syrup, or even bacon for that matter. But again, let me remind you - it's 2014. Why does trying a primal or paleo diet mean you should eat and live exactly like a caveman? Personally, what you choose to eat - paleo, primal or … [Read More...]


Don’t have a cow, man!

Actually, if you want to eat Primal you probably will have a bit of cow, and if Instagram is anything to go by, a lot of bacon! I've eaten a lot of bacon and it's only the 10th of January. I wonder if I'll be punished somehow? Isn't it funny how ingrained some things can be? Like the fear of fat. Everything I've read, watched and subscribed to have told me it's ok. I believe it's ok, otherwise I wouldn't have embarked on this crash test. But years of education and conditioning still make it … [Read More...]

My Primal Year

My Primal Year – Primal Living in 2014

Well, well, well - and just like that it's 2014! Happy New Year! I have been very introspective and quiet lately, which doesn't make for great blogging when you're not exactly sure what it is that you think is worth sharing! For a while I wasn't sure if I even wanted to continue blogging as Crash Test Mummy. I'm pleased to say that I didn't kill her off in 2013 and she(me) lives to blog again in 2014 with a new focus. Instead of exhausting myself and trying to crash test and blog about … [Read More...]