All work and no play makes Laney a dull girl

*surfaces from mountain of work on desk* Well, if I haven’t just learned a big lesson about why I’m doing this whole primal living experiment! It’s been two months living primal and it’s all gone to the dogs! Well not entirely, but I’ve stumbled spectacularly this past month into a hole that I’ve dug for […]

Primal Progress (one month)

Primal meal ideas

I thought the end of one month Primal would be monumental – like, yeah, we made it! High fives all round. But here’s the thing – it just seems kind of ‘normal’. Boring hey? Don’t get me wrong though, I do feel different,  it’s just that doing this doesn’t seem extraordinary, or some mammoth feat […]

Please excuse me while I claim my blog back

You may have noticed I haven’t blogged for a month. Yes, I’ve been busy. But I’ve also been a little paralysed. I have this silly notion that I need to write something that is helpful for you. Something that will make motherhood easier, happier and healthier – it’s my thing. I’ve made it my thing, […]

A different kind of tired


I’ve been a little quiet of late, but believe me when I say things are busy behind the scenes! I just sat down and realised how tired I am. But it’s a different kind of tired these days. It’s not the wading through concrete, trapped under a heavy blanket kind of tired. It’s not a […]

Happy trails – back on track


Hey, did you miss me? I’ve inadvertently taken a bit of a bloggy break over the last couple of weeks. Turns out it was much needed as I needed some space to re-calibrate for my new working life and routine with the kids. I’ve also been doing an online course called “31 Days to Soul […]

What does “Successful” look like to you?

success and failure

One of the most difficult things about my decision to be a Stay At Home Mum are the times when I acutely feel the yawning gap between my previous life a a career woman and my current life scraping weetbix off the floor. I refer to them as “I’m such a failure” funks.  CrashHubby then […]

Get me off this treadmill


This image shows exactly how I’m feeling right now. How often have you said to yourself that you wish there were more hours in the day?  There’s a number of things working against this scenario. Firstly there’s the Law of Time – you can’t have any more than 24 hours each day! Then there’s one […]

Who I am, depends on who you are

I’m joining in for the first time with Eden Riley’s Fresh Horses Brigade meme because she’s asked Edenland readers, “Who the hell are you?” I thought about it and decided I couldn’t answer it, so here I am writing anyway. I could easily tell you who I used to be: overly confident, underminingly insecure, a […]

Condition Report: How I’m really feeling

Happy Friday everyone.  I’ve made a vlog for you, and yes it isn’t short and snappy so watch it when you have a spare 5 mins, like now ;) Is it possible to be exhausted and energised at the same time?  If so, I’m a walking contradiction at the moment.  I’ve been doing lots, I’ve […]

Totally not the Friday the 13th post I had planned


I was going to write something witty about it being Friday the 13th. Perhaps share my top 13 mishaps. But I couldn’t write. I’m a bit overwhelmed. The CrashKids are in full destruction mode of late. I’ve got too much work to do. Last night when CrashHubby walked through the door I burst into tears. […]