4 Stars and a Lemon: In the bathroom

4 Stars and a Lemon

This is a new series where I’ll be sharing 4 stars and a lemon, because we all know that not every review results in an “It’s so amazing I’ll definitely buy it again” kind of  experience. And, I don’t want anybody to spend their $$$ on lemons! My first experiments have been on products or […]

Easier Cleaning with Neato XV-21 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner + Giveaway


Features sponsored product Ask me the one thing that would make motherhood easier for me and I’ll tell you “someone else to do the cleaning!” Well, recently my wish kind of came true when Erica (a lovely PR) emailed me and asked if I’d like to try a robotic vacuum AND give one away! Well, […]

6 time saving tips for cleaning the bathroom


I’ve picked up a few time saving tips via Google, my readers, and even worked a few out all on my own!  I’ve crash tested all but number 5, and they work for me. 1. Dry surfaces after you’ve finished showering/bathing to reduce the chance for mould to build up. Which means less time scrubbing […]

Final results and review of the FlyLady system + Sabco giveaway winner


Firstly, sorry I’m a bit late with this post.  I’ve been knocked for six by a virus and looking at a computer screen is making my head crack open!  Still not feeling great today, but I wanted to wrap up the CTMs v MUMs Home Organisation challenge and announce a winner of the Sabco cleaning […]

How I do the dishes


Ambassador Post  Yes, I’m quite serious.  If I can make a video about how much I hate the laundry, I can make a video about how I do the dishes!  And after how many of you viewed my (boring) cleaning routines and checklists last week, I figured you might actually watch this.  Thankfully someone with […]

My Daily and Weekly Cleaning Routines


Last week my results for the CTMs vs MUMs Home Organisation were woeful!  So, I promised by the end of the week that I would get my routines and lists sorted out and give it a proper go.  So here we go, quite possibly the most boring post I have ever published!  Ha! Ha! ;) […]

CTMs vs MUMs Home Organisation Update + Giveaway


It’s results day for Team Crash Test Mummies! I’m going to be totally upfront and say I feel like I’ve let the team down.  I have found this quite hard and I think it’s because I’ve been a little too relaxed about the baby steps approach. Maybe I need to be more prescriptive and make […]

CALL OUT: Crash Testers needed for Ecostore


Have you heard about our new Community Review site yet? Well it’s ready to go and our first community crash test will be the dishwash liquid from ecostore: I thought I’d keep in the theme of cleaning and organising given the current challenge asks us to “Shine our Sinks” FlyLady-style ;) I’m looking for 10 […]

Home Organisation Challenge Teams


Are you ready to start this challenge?  Firstly, let me remind you what we’re doing. Last week’s post introduced the challenge and why we are doing it.  The Crash Test Mummies are crash testing organising and cleaning systems from the FlyLady.  The Muddled Up Mummas are crash testing systems from The Organised Housewife. Without further […]

Crash Test Mummies vs Muddled Up Mummas


I am living in CHAOS at the moment.  Trying to stay on top of all the housework and the CrashKids’ daily messes is hard when you’re distracted by more fun things like getting out of the house, chatting on social media and keeping Crash Test Mummy going! I’m doing pretty well with things like family […]