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Are your pancake tricks better than these?

George Davis Pancakes

Pancakes feature pretty regularly on our weekend breakfast menu. Admittedly, only because CrashHubby is a master at making them and usually more awake than I am on a Sunday morning! I’m going to share his secret for awesome pancakes and a few other tricks I’ve discovered. George Davis’s Pancakes Here’s some CrashHubby prepared earlier! This […]

Can someone please Cook4Me??? Giveaway


Features sponsored product that will make your life easier! GIVEAWAY CLOSED CONGRATULATIONS TO MRS COOKIE! Bang! The sound of a can hitting the floor startled her awake. She was confused. Hadn’t she just lay down and closed her eyes for just a moment? She heard rustling and looked up to see the familiar two-chair assault […]

So I won a cooking competition. Here’s my recipe!


Is it so hard to believe that I could win something that involves cooking? I certainly thought it was impossible. So much so that there were no nerves. Well just a few, I didn’t want to completely stuff up my dish! I had nothing to lose and lots of new friends to gain. In winning […]

A cat among the oven roasted squab pigeons

I’m taking a quick departure from the roadmap this week, in fact I’m changing my mode of transport altogether and flying to sunny Queensland. This week will be all about how I try and make cooking easier, and hopefully happier and healthier too. I’m off to Noosa as one of 9 Australian finalists, and a […]

Family favourite zucchini pasta dish by CrashHubby

Zucchini Pasta Recipe with Variations

[pinit] Today’s recipe is from CrashHubby, because let’s face it, he’s the most competent cook in our family!  It is not only a favourite with us and the kids, but it’s simple, fast and IQS friendly*.  Today CH is sharing two variations and just to be confusing the photo is kind of a mix of […]

Simple pumpkin and chickpea curry recipe with variations

Pumpkin and chickpea curry recipe

This simple, cheap and healthy recipe is great when you haven’t organised anything for dinner. It’s vegetarian and uses ingredients we pretty much always have in the cupboard – canned chickpeas and tinned tomatoes. It is also IQS friendly which is something my new Monday recipe posts will strive to be – no or low […]

4 Bright ideas for ‘I Quit Sugar’ friendly eating

4 Bright ideas for IQS friendly eating

[pinit] I’m taking a short departure from my Mindful Christmas Crash Test (and giving myself an much needed extra week to get sorted!) to tell you about another departure – one to the country town of Bright in Victoria.  It has both inspired me and validated my choice to cut/reduce the amount of sugar (fructose) […]

The soup that stole my heart . . . and a kiss


It was early days. “Do you want to come over and watch a movie?” I asked nervously. “Sure, I’ll take care of dinner” was his casual reply. :: I opened the door to the tall, dark, handsome boy who had once doubled me home from the pub on his handle bars.  I smiled at the […]

Video: Crash Test Mummy on the Chopping Block!

I finally had some time to put together a short fun video of my little cooking stint for Gourmet Garden on the Chopping Block at Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine Show. Enjoy! Here’s the link to my recipe for Steamed Lemongrass & Coconut Mussels with Spicy Thai Roti here on the blog. A quick thanks […]

Steamed Lemongrass and Coconut Mussels with Spicy Thai Roti Cigars


Today I cooked live at the Gourmet Garden Blog Off/Cook Off event held at Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show.  Unfortunately Tracie from Yeah Na Yeah couldn’t make it, so I kind of won by default.  However, I had an awesome time cooking with Sammy and Bella from My Kitchen Rules.  It was still nerve […]