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A fun blast from the past with retro board games!


Last night I got to do something I wish I could have done as a child. I was let loose in a shop with a gift card to buy whatever toys I wanted! So you know what I did? I went and bought the games I was always envious of my friends for having! Actually […]

5 highly successful negotiating tips from a 4-year old

"Queen CrashGirl Rules"

“Queen CrashGirl Rules” Go ahead . . . Laugh At My Expense This is a note I shared with my FB friends (before I started blogging).  It was over a year ago, when CrashGirl was just 3.  She was already shaping up to be quite the problem solver . . . Me (for the 10th […]

LAME: You won’t believe where I found CrashBoy

CrashBoy hanging around in a tree

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you’ll know CrashBoy is a bit of a character who keeps me on my toes. Here are 5 funny situations I’ve found him in, just for a bit of a laugh on a Friday ;)  Go ahead, Laugh At My Expense: It started in his earlier days. […]

LAME: 10 signs there’s a toddler living in your home


Isn’t life different when kids come along?  It’s not just your mess you have to clean up any more!  As I’ve been focusing more on cleaning and de-cluttering for the Home Organisation Challenge, I’ve taken more notice of all the funny signs that there is a toddler (and a pre-schooler) in the house!  Go ahead, […]