Crash tests for an Easier Motherhood! Routines, cleaning, paperwork, to do lists, storage, finances, decluttering . . . all that stuff that gets on top of you if you don't get on to it first. This is stuff I was great at in a professional capacity, but as a mum it has fallen by the wayside.

Easier Cooking

Test Results: How to sort out your life with Google Calendar, HomeRoutines app, zendone and more!

How to sort your life out

[pinit] Big call isn’t it?  How to sort your life out!  But this is an epic post for an epic crash test.  It even has a second bonus page for the die-hard organising geeks among you – I kid you not! I’m going to be the first one to put my hand up and say […]

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Crash Test: Daily routines and family management

Living in chaos

Are you living in chaos? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! That’s me tearing my hair out at my completely chaotic, messy, ‘can’t bloody find anything’ life! I need something to blame it on. Let me explain something to you.  I used to be really good at this stuff.  REALLY GOOD! Ok, I was never overly tidy, but I was […]

Can we survive the week on a $21 grocery budget?


Today one of the stand alone drawer units we are using in our crappy kitchen broke – beyond repair. We took the opportunity to replace both the drawers and our too tiny food cupboard with a new pantry. When I was unloading our narrow dark little cupboard, I was surprised at how much food it […]

A very transparent WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity for us all

Crash Cash Challenge

Sponsored by Split It Otherwise titled “how we can all save a bundle on health insurance as well as getting two legitimate cash bonuses”. If you didn’t trust me so much it would sound dodgy, right? ;) Well, hopefully you know me well enough to trust what I recommend on this blog.  I am so […]

Why is it so hard to talk about money?


So you would think that running out of money would be a big enough firecracker to get me budgeting like a fiend right?  Well, no.  It’s been two weeks and I can’t even bring myself to reply to everyone’s (very generous and lovely) comments. Why? Because then I have to face up to it and […]

Crap, we ran out of money


This is me handing our last $20 to CrashHubby so he could go back down to the petrol station and make good on an IOU so they wouldn’t call the police! We have never run out of money before. I guess there’s a first for everything! Luckily we’ll only be without funds for two days. […]

5 steps to managing your digital photos – Storage & Backup + Giveaway


Giveaway Closed Winner: Taing Cheng Winning entry here Quite some time ago I embarked on the mammoth task of organising my digital files, spurred on by the Crash Test Community who were having issues with the huge numbers of photos on their computers. I’ve now covered the first 3 steps in my 5 step challenge […]

5 tips for making the most of your time online


{image source} This month I have taken up Brooke’s challenge (Slow Your Home) to go tech-lite. That means using the internet and being connected only as required, and looking to use your time in more creative and useful offline pursuits. Here’s some tips from my experience so far. 1. Don’t become a slave to your […]

Tech-Lite Challenge Update


Hello from New York City! So, I bet you're all wondering how I'm going? Was it possible for me to be tech-lite whilst at BlogHer? Well for starters, I wrote most of this post before I even left Melbourne, just so all that I had to do once here was to give you a quick […]

Crash Challenge: Can you go Tech-Lite for a month?


This is a challenge that I need to do – badly.  I’ve been meaning to do something to help loosen the grip that social media has on my productivity, but the grip was so strong I haven’t managed it yet! Well, now I have no excuse.  The gauntlet has been thrown, a challenge set by […]