These posts, challenges and crash tests are all about a healthier you (physically and mentally), a healthier family, and a healthier environment.

Paying it forward to the reader who needs this most


Blogging in this space has done so much for me. I have two groups to thank for helping me go from “tiredest and saddest Mum in the world” (self awarded title, possibly over-exaggerated, but not totally) to “busiest and (possibly overly) stressed but mostly happy work at home mum with an inspiring little business and […]

Trying a ‘primal’ approach to winter ills


Photo Credit: glyn_nelson via Compfight cc Lately I’ve tried some complimentary sessions of salt therapy with CrashBoy. Winter is not my friend and it’s hard on CrashBoy too with his asthma.  I do like to explore natural therapies which is why I said yes to the invitation from Salts of the Earth, more about that […]

Family favourite zucchini pasta dish by CrashHubby

Zucchini Pasta Recipe with Variations

[pinit] Today’s recipe is from CrashHubby, because let’s face it, he’s the most competent cook in our family!  It is not only a favourite with us and the kids, but it’s simple, fast and IQS friendly*.  Today CH is sharing two variations and just to be confusing the photo is kind of a mix of […]

Simple pumpkin and chickpea curry recipe with variations

Pumpkin and chickpea curry recipe

This simple, cheap and healthy recipe is great when you haven’t organised anything for dinner. It’s vegetarian and uses ingredients we pretty much always have in the cupboard – canned chickpeas and tinned tomatoes. It is also IQS friendly which is something my new Monday recipe posts will strive to be – no or low […]

If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy, come on sugar let me know

I heart my body Laney Galligan

Thanks for that Rod, but these lyrics could just as easily read: If you love your body, and you think it’s sexy, come on let the whole world know It’s a very generalised explanation of the I heart my body campaign being run again by We Heart Life, and yes, it doesn’t do it justice […]

Re-crashing ‘I Quit Sugar’ with a family-friendly twist

I Quit Sugar Pre-Christmas Program

At the beginning of the year I embarked on Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ program.  I had to be talked into it because I LOVE(d) sugar.  It actually went surprisingly well and Hubby and I were both able to kick the sugar habit quite easily. Since then we’ve fallen off the wagon.  Well, more like […]

Get CrashFit on your sofa!


  Are you doing no exercise other than the odd walk here and there with the kids? Are you absolutely knackered at the end of the day? Do you sit on the sofa and watch TV thinking about how tired you are? Do you wish you were fitter and healthier? OK, a new exciting challenge […]

Call Out: ecostore Crash Testers needed for Infant Massage Week

ecostore Sleepytime Bath and Baby Moisturiser

The 1st of August is the start of Infant Massage Week.  Infant Massage Australia’s mission is:  Empowering parents and enriching families through the nurturing touch of infant massage fostering healthy communication, understanding and love for children in our society. I took CrashGirl to a infant massage class in Scotland.  She was really small because she […]

How I’m getting out of my mid winter slump


I was all charged up to get a lot of stuff done on Tuesday.  Instead I woke up with a cracking migraine and then vomited from the pain.  The day was spent in bed feeling very sorry for myself. In three weeks I need to pull myself out of a mid-winter slump and get my […]

A Winter weekend on the farm with Sussan


We’ve just spent a wintry weekend down on the farm.  Before we left I got to go shopping at Sussan.  My challenge was to put together an outfit from the  2012 Winter Wine Tour Getaway catalogue.  Well, after a couple of hours in the store with a very patient and helpful Sarah and other staff […]