Paying it forward to the reader who needs this most


Blogging in this space has done so much for me. I have two groups to thank for helping me go from “tiredest and saddest Mum in the world” (self awarded title, possibly over-exaggerated, but not totally) to “busiest and (possibly overly) stressed but mostly happy work at home mum with an inspiring little business and […]

Trying a ‘primal’ approach to winter ills


Photo Credit: glyn_nelson via Compfight cc Lately I’ve tried some complimentary sessions of salt therapy with CrashBoy. Winter is not my friend and it’s hard on CrashBoy too with his asthma.  I do like to explore natural therapies which is why I said yes to the invitation from Salts of the Earth, more about that […]

To gym, or not to gym?

Introducing new sponsor Here’s a dirty little secret. Truth be told, I’m very good at donating my money to gyms and not very good at availing myself of their services. I’m a serial offender and have actually banned myself from ever signing up again. Here’s another truth. I find my gym experiences have been lonely, […]

Y U No Live in Cave?


Uh, because this crash test is in 2014 AD, not 10,000BC! I find it quite funny how knockers like to pick apart the primal or paleo lifestyle . . . I get it, I really do. Yes I realise cavemen didn’t eat coconut flour cookies sweetened with agave syrup, or even bacon for that matter. […]