{Quick Crash} How to make a number 3 birthday cake – fast!

I really love making birthday cakes for the kids.  I tend to go over the top a bit as you can see from the Miffy cake and the Hungry Caterpillar cake.  However my last cake did not follow in the same grand design!

CrashGirl’s third birthday was the week we moved into our house.  The place was diabolical.  Boxes everywhere, mostly unpacked.  We have a park nearby, so a venue wasn’t a problem.  The problem was how to make the cake.  CrashGirl wanted a ‘rainbow cake’.  Didn’t sound too difficult, except I couldn’t find:

  • a cake tin
  • something that looked vaguely like a cake tin
  • the beaters for our electric hand mixer
  • my piping bag
  • my trusty gel food colours

The worst thing was I made this ‘discovery’ the morning of the party!

How to make a number 3 cake in a hurry!

I sent CrashHubby on an emergency run to buy:

  • two sponge cakes
  • whipped cream in a can
  • frosting in a can
  • m&ms
  • strawberries

This cake literally took less than 30 minutes to ‘whip’ up so to speak!  All I needed was a knife and a board (in this case a lovely Rimu tea tray we got as a wedding present!)

  • I cut a small section off one side of each of the sponges
Cake cutting guide
Cake cutting guide
  • I then sliced them through and filled each with whipped cream and strawberries
  • With the cut sections facing each other I ‘glued’ them together with cream, lining them up one above the other on a board (so they looked like a snowman I guess)
  • Then I iced it with the frosting in a can and smoothed it over.
  • Using the m&ms I created rainbow lines in the shape of a three.
  • I also lined the outside edges with m&ms to cover up my dodgy ‘frosting in a can’ skills.
Number 3 birthday cake
Easiest number 3 birthday cake

Ta da!  Done in under 30 minutes, no baking, no beating, no making frosting and no difficult shaping.  I really like how there is minimal cake wastage (and just how easy it was!).   You’ll have to excuse the wonky candle placement and the hole in the frosting near the bottom.  CrashHubby put 4 candles in his daughter’s number 3 birthday cake!  The gold coins are for the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow.

See – she got her rainbow cake after all!  And it was delicious!

Have you made a cake in  hurry?


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  1. says

    BRiLLIANT! With only, um, let’s see, 7 weeks and a day to go until Swishy’s third birthday, this post is perfectly timed!!! Thanks for the inspiration – and I love rainbows, so bonus for that!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      Good to hear! I actually have CrashBoy’s 2nd birthday coming up which was got me thinking about cakes. His party theme will be Dr Suess Cat in the Hat. I’m frightened about how to make a cake for this one! Google here I come!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      I have no idea how I’m going to do the Dr Suess cake. All the images on Google are scaring me – alot! Looking very tricky!

  2. says

    Awesome job Laney! You wouldn’t know that it was a 30 minute job.

    I am scared by Caden’s Tow Mater cake I have coming up at the end of the month. I think I will just be doing a number five with a road base and some toys on top! Google has been scaring me too.

    A Cat in the Hat party sounds ace!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      He’s the red tow truck right? I’d be scared too! I have a friend in NZ who makes amazing cakes. She did an awesome bulldozer for her son once. Wish she lived a bit closer so she could help me with the Cat in the Hat!

  3. says

    That looks so awesome Laney. And yummy too. That’s some pretty creative fast thinking! When my son’s b’day cake did not work this year, my last minute solution was to send hubby to the cheesecake shop! I’m such a cheater!

  4. says

    Thats a gorgeous Cake, I love love LOVE that you used white icing to avoid cutting and shaping!  I love that you made the three a rainbow also and I LOVE the inclusion of gold coins!  You clever thing.
    P.S I always start baking {thats right, butter and sugar creamed, dried ingredients combined} and THEN I realise I have no eggs or milk…. must get into the habit of doing an inventory first too.

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      Thanks Carly! CrashGirl loved this cake and is still talking about it 6 months later. I told her I was going to make chocolate self-saucing pudding the other night and then realised I didn’t have all the ingredients. Really hard putting her to bed with no dessert! When will I learn?

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