Sugar Crash: I Quit Sugar

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Welcome to my ‘Sugar Crash’ challenge.  It’s all about following the 8 week program outlined by Sarah Wilson in her e-book “I Quit Sugar”

Click to buy the I Quit Sugar eBook

So how does the challenge work?

I originally crash tested I Quit Sugar in early 2012.

I then did it again as part of Sarah’s I quit Sugar Pre-Christmas program.

Now you can do the I Quit Sugar program online with lots of great support from Sarah and her team.

These days I’m mostly sugar free. I do indulge every now and then and often fall off the wagon, but now my body reacts and it’s easy to get back on track again.

My approach to IQS is all about quitting sugar in a family friendly and budget friendly way.

Want to take up the sugar crash challenge?

To get started:

Buy the I Quit Sugar eBook or you can also purchase the eBook and Cookbook together in a bundle (aff links – which means I get a small commission for getting you on board, which is much appreciated, thanks!)

Sign up for Sarah’s summer program newsletter and like her Facebook group

If you want additional family friendly recipes and advice from me:

Sign up for my regular email updates (no more than once a week) and join my private FB group of over 160 women supporting each other to quit sugar.

Sign Up Here

After a few weeks of the last program I wrote a “Dear John” letter to sugar.  If you’d like to write your own “Dear John” letter to sugar you can link it up to mine here.

If you want to chat about it on Twitter use the hashtag #sugarcrash and mention me @crashtest_mummy so I can keep up and respond.

Here on this page I’ll keep a brief record of my progress and links to any posts I write (check the sidebar on the right).

How does that sound?  If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments at the end of this page!

You can find all my past sugar crash posts here.

Laney x

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  1. Kirsti says

    OK – i’ve bought the book and down loaded it.
    Haven’t read it yet but it looks easy reading.
    i’m going to need help!!!!!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      Hooray Kirsti! The book is a very easy read and makes so much sense. The approach seems sensible totally achievable. There will be lots of help here on the blog, on Facebook and I’ll share lots of Sarah Wilson’s tips and recipes too. We’ll all do it together :)

  2. Linda says

    I’ve been thinking about this all day. Do I think I can do it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I HAVE to do it. Would love a Facebook page where we can chat about progress because I’m sure I’ll need support to get through the initial withdrawal!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      You’re just like me Linda. I didn’t think I could do it, and I didn’t think I could be convinced. But I read the book and I knew I had to do it after just a few pages. I might start up a Facebook group so we don’t bore everyone else to tears on the main Facebook page ;)

      • Brittany says

        Hi there, I am on week 2 day 4 of ‘I quit sugar’, Sarah has a great facebook page called ‘I quit sugar’ which people have posted tips and helpfull hints. I found week 2 harder than week one but keep eating fat…it keeps the sugar cravings away! Good luck!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      Hi Jodie – thanks for dropping by! I love hearing about other people’s success with IQS, it is so motivating. Thanks :)

  3. says

    I am re-starting the I Quit Sugar program after letting my sugar intake get out of control around week 3 (due to a holiday I took… not much of an excuse though!). I just added up how much sugar I am eating in week 1 after cutting out highly sugarry foods and just eating fruit, dairy products etc and it is still a fair amount! Definately worth wile doing those calculations!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      Good for you, re-group and start again. It’s not easy in those first weeks. But before you know it, you won’t know any other way!

  4. Hannah says

    Hi, I just asked to join your facebook support group. I started the IQS program in Feb and have successfully stayed off sugar though a bit has been creeping in lately so having a little detox again now with no fruit etc. Lets not talk about the choc cake I had tonight. Apart from that my detox is going well!!
    I’d love to join the support group cos I only have a couple of friends doing it and theyre not as obsessed with it as I am so need some more support/people who wont think I’m nuts and wish I’d shut up!
    I’m a kiwi too! Gosh I’d forgotten all about Afghans. Been in Aus 12 years!

    • Crash Test Mummy says

      Welcome to a fellow Kiwi. The Afghan’s are to die for. Perhaps wait until you’ve detoxed ;)

  5. says

    How are you going Laney with your no sugar??? I’m on Day 4 with my challenge and have 20 odd people joining me. However I had to split them up into 2 groups FRUIT OF LIFE are allowed x4 serves of fruit and the SUGAR-LESS BABES can have honey, maple. syrup but limit this once a day. So far so good and it’s super exciting. I hope you are all doing well with yours and please come and visit some time especially before you head to NY!!! I would have loved to have joined you!!! You’ll have a blast!!!! I <3 NY
    Oh yes when free, see if you can sift through your inbox as I sent you an email RE: Challenge 25/6

  6. says

    I hope your challenge ends well. I ended up completely quitting sugar and resetting my taste-buds. That was the only way I could get handle on my eating. It forced me to only eat whole foods and learn to love vegetables and meat again. No more fear of full fat milk! Hooray!

  7. MishLc says

    I am just getting on board with this whole quitting sugar thing. I have known for a while now that sugar is not good for us but have found it hard to quit.
    Can someone link me onto some Menu ideas as a guide as I have no clue where to start?
    I downloaded Sarah Wilsons book however was hoping it would give recipes etc but it didn’t :(

    Have also requested to join the Facebook page, as I am doing it alone here. My husband isn’t interested and I don’t want to get started with the kids until I have a handle on it myself.

    Any help is appreciated.

  8. Angelica says

    Ok! I’m going to do this challenge but I’m sure it won’t be easy. After reading all the comments I am more motivated.


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