LAME: I coughed until I . . . (iTunes Giveaway)


Sponsored by Bisolvon Dry Honey Lime Pastilles *This giveaway has closed.  Winners are announced alongside their comments below* Go ahead, Laugh At My Expense . . . What would it take for you to admit something embarrassing?  Well, someone’s having to pay me for this one ;).  At least we can play a bit of […]

5 highly successful negotiating tips from a 4-year old

"Queen CrashGirl Rules"

“Queen CrashGirl Rules” Go ahead . . . Laugh At My Expense This is a note I shared with my FB friends (before I started blogging).  It was over a year ago, when CrashGirl was just 3.  She was already shaping up to be quite the problem solver . . . Me (for the 10th […]

LAME: You won’t believe where I found CrashBoy

CrashBoy hanging around in a tree

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you’ll know CrashBoy is a bit of a character who keeps me on my toes. Here are 5 funny situations I’ve found him in, just for a bit of a laugh on a Friday ;)  Go ahead, Laugh At My Expense: It started in his earlier days. […]

LAME: 10 signs there’s a toddler living in your home


Isn’t life different when kids come along?  It’s not just your mess you have to clean up any more!  As I’ve been focusing more on cleaning and de-cluttering for the Home Organisation Challenge, I’ve taken more notice of all the funny signs that there is a toddler (and a pre-schooler) in the house!  Go ahead, […]

LAME: Losing my sh*t


Go ahead Laugh At My Expense . . . I have a bit of a problem.  It seems I’m slowly but surely inheriting my mother’s family trait – an excellent ability to lose keys, wallets, sunglasses and phones.  The worst for me is keys.  It started getting bad when CrashGirl was born.  I pretty much […]

L.A.M.E: I’ve slipped up again . . .


Go ahead, Laugh At My Expense . . . Remember how I slipped up in a restaurant and broke my lady bits?  Well, today I came a cropper again.  And my day was going so well! I arrived at the Melbourne Museum early for a play date with a good friend who I don’t see […]

{Crash Challenge} 5 tips for cleaning your BBQ

BBQ in a shameful state

Alternatively titled, Laugh At My Expense . . . Looking to get your BBQ ready for summer?  Heed my warning, I mean, check out my crash challenge and really helpful tips! 1. Go and pick up your BBQ from your inlaws . . . where it has been sitting since last Summer.  I can highly […]

10 facts CrashHubby used to change my mind about UFC

Seriously? UFC?

Sponsored by Nuffnang Go ahead Laugh At My Expense . . . Yes, I said UFC as in Ultimate Fighting Champion, as in two grown men pummeling the heck out of each other with blood and stuff. I first encountered UFC via the TV show Friends, when Monica’s boyfriend was obsessed with becoming the Ultimate […]

{LAME} CrashBoy strikes again

Smurf Face

Go ahead, Laugh At My Expense . . . If you’ve already ‘met’ CrashBoy you’ll know he’s a source of endless material for you to laugh at my expense.   Check out Guess the Mess and The things a toddler will punish you for for a bit of back reading. Last Friday, right at the end […]

{LAME} My milkshake – a tale of breastfeeding

Massage chair

Go ahead, Laugh At My Expense . . . Before I let you have a laugh at my expense, something a little more serious first.  In Australia the ABC just aired the first episode of ‘The Slap’ last night.  Based on the book written by Christos Tsiolkas’s, it is about the fallout among friends after […]