The Crash Pad

Welcome to the Crash Pad!

This place needs a bit of renovation, so it’s a work in progress.

The Crash Pad is a place to crash, to relax, to laugh and to take care of yourself.

Hitting the Wall

We’ve all hit the wall in one way or another.  Since starting Crash Test Mummy I’ve heard a lot of other mums’ stories, and realised I’m not alone.  The Wall is a place where you can share your story, make a confession, let off some steam.  You can do it anonymously if you want – everyone’s story will hopefully help someone else.  Go on – hit it!

Take Care

I started this feature on Facebook, where each Monday I pick an area of personal health or style to focus on for the week.  Check out the latest Take Care topic and join in for the week :)


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